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Welcome to our first blog! I wanted to take a little time to introduce myself and give you a better understanding of the “controlled chaos” behind Mill Clothing Company!

My name is Courtney Kimbrough. I grew up in the small town of Moulton, Alabama before moving to Florence, Alabama during high school, eventually winding up here in Huntsville a few years ago. I knew - or so I thought - from the time I was young exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, so after Mars Hill Bible School (class of 2006) I set out to accomplish my dreams. I attended Freed-Hardeman University to obtain a degree in Journalism (class of 2010). I know what you are thinking... “Wait, I thought you owned a clothing store?” Well, I learned very quickly after graduating college that sometimes life has different plans for you. I moved back to Florence, AL and took a job at a local boutique thinking I would work there until I could find a “real” job. Well guess what? That boutique job became my “real” job for over 4 years!

My love for fashion came at a very young age. I can remember countless shopping trips with my mom and Mamaw where I had to touch every piece of clothing in the store to see which was the softest. I was - and still am - the girl with way too many shoes to count, and way more clothes than will ever fit in my closet. Somehow, I always seem to be wearing the same pieces over and over thinking I have nothing to wear. Am I the only one who does that???

So you may be thinking, “Why did you decide to open your own store? ” As I came to terms with the fact that working in the local boutique would be my “real” job, my fascination with fashion was taken to a whole new level. I submerged myself into the world of photo-shoots, finding new trends, and assisting customers. So, as dreamers do, I then had a new dream of owning my own boutique. Thanks to the gentle nudging from my parents, I realized my dream of owning a boutique was actually closer than I realized. I remember the “Ah-Ha” moment as Oprah would say...

My family went on vacation to Gatlinburg the week after Christmas 2016. My grandfather had passed away unexpectedly that Christmas Eve. I was in a really low place, still in shock and confused by my whole life in general, especially considering that within the previous couple of months there had been a sudden change with my job situation. Fortunately, my Dad and I ended up eating dinner alone (which rarely happens in a family of 6!) at Bennett’s Bar-B-Que in Downtown Gatlinburg. At dinner, he asked me what was it going to take to open up my own boutique. How could we make this dream of mine happen? With the love and support - a.k.a really late nights of painting and staining - from both of my parents, Mill Clothing Company opened in April 2017.

Why Mill Clothing Company? Mill is a tribute to my grandfather, Milton Jeffreys. I know, without a doubt, that he would have been at the store every step of the way helping make displays and telling everyone he knew about his granddaughter’s store. I chose the name for the store before I even picked a location, and coincidentally the store is at the intersection of Mill Road and County Line Road in Madison. That made me smile.

My vision for Mill Clothing Company is to provide affordable clothing for everyone. No matter your size, shape, or color, I want to make sure everyone is able to walk out of our doors feeling amazing in a new outfit. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful!

I am available and happy to respond to any questions you may have, so feel free to e-mail me at I appreciate each and every customer who has helped me make Mill Clothing Company a success! Just remember... Life does throw you curve balls, and it’s not always a bad thing!



Owner, Mill Clothing Company

Papaw and I

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  • Sylvia Shipman

    Great article Courtney. Jusy wish you were closer to home. Much success.

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